When you think of dangerous jobs, what comes to mind? Volcanologist? Shark tagger? How about IRS agent, or insurance claims adjuster? Before you dismiss those jobs as perfectly safe, think about how many times in your life you thought about what it would be like to shoot an IRS agent, insurance claims adjuster, used car salesman, or any number of other people who carry a clipboard. Those jobs don’t seem so safe anymore, do they? Fortunately, if you work with a clipboard, there’s a way for you to stay safe on the job – The Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard. These clipboards can take a 9mm round without any problem. So remember, if you haven’t handed in your taxes yet, and you wind up getting audited, take a good look at the IRS agent’s clipboard before you do anything rash.

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Via: foolishgadgets.com

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