I am not a fatty, I swear. But I must have oversized fingertips, because I am constantly creating odd new words when typing on my iPhone. Lately, ‘day’ is always ‘DAT,’ and I know for a fact I only sent “DAT ass” as a text one time. Just once! Anyway, a Tech Tip could help me look like a little less of an imbecile in my social media life. Developed by a dermatologist who wanted better accuracy with her phone, they are made to work with your hand rather than be a separate tool. These are worn on the tip of the finger, and have just enough surface space to register as a “touch.” Look out for them in May.

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  1. Insanity

    I found a really strange way to fix it that worked surprisingly well for my bf was to put the caps lock on then just hold shift as you type. Idk y it worked. It just did.


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