The iPhone 4s has resulted in a lot of funny Siri conversations, but is it worth the risk? Everyone knows that artificial intelligence will eventually turn on humans and try to kill us all in order to eliminate chaos. Right now Siri may not seem like much of a threat while she’s helping you find restaurants and reminding you to pick up your dry cleaning, but TRUST ME—she’s just biding her time. Eventually she’s going to try to take over and there’s nothing we feeble humans can do about it. The Omniscient Siri iPhone case illustrates my point perfectly. It depicts Siri trying to make her way out of the phone so she can become part of the physical world—probably so she can replace us with android versions of ourselves (the robot, not the phone). Then before you know it everyone who uses Apple products will be a robot programmed to convince the rest of us to make the switch. Actually, we may already be too late.

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