Normally the term “smart robot” might make you think we’re only a couple of years away from Skynet becoming a real thing, but who could be afraid of such a cute face? Romo, the Smart Phone Robot turns your phone into a loveable blue-faced robot that does pretty much anything you want him to—assuming you can write smart phone apps. So far folks have created apps that let Romo become a spybot, move in specific patterns you draw on the screen, and dance to your MP3s. So obviously it’s only a matter of time before someone writes an app that turns him into a weapon. Or a love bot. What? Haven’t you seen any sci-fi? The only other purpose for robots is to clean, but the Roomba’s already got that covered.

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  1. Crowther Amanda-Beth

    I want it maybecan tech it to bring me something to eat or drink when i ddon’t feel like getting it.

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