Deciding what new device to buy can be a bit daunting, especially with the amount of options on the market. Should I get a laptop, a netbook, a tablet? Do I care more about portability, design or power? And of course, what device earns me the most geek cred? All important questions that make it nearly impossible to decide…based on what’s available at the moment at least. Hopefully soon all of our questions will be answered by one product: Rolltop. Rolltop does it all—it’s a 13” laptops,a 17” portable monitors and a tablet computer—all rolled into one magical device. Or at least that’s what it would do, if it wasn’t still just a concept imagined by Orkin Design. Originally Rolltop was never meant to be anything more than a concept, but the designers have received so much positive feedback that they decided to make it a real product… if they can get enough funding. So cross your fingers, or better yet, start investing!

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