This is the Say Cheese Instant Slicer sold over at Gama-go for just $10. It’s a cheese slicer that looks like a Polaroid camera. Instead of printing out instant photos, it spits out cheese. Which, if you ask me, Cheese > Photos. Even photos of butts, my favorite kind of photo. My favorite kind of cheese? Nacho. But any kind attached to a pizza is a close second.


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Via: Thrillist


  1. Crowther Amanda-Beth

    Cheese is betteri ooccasionallytake selfies but really hate camera on me when I am not ready and always look wanmy when others pphotograph me. This is so cool and pretty inexpensive

  2. TheCureForHope

    Awe man… I dunno butt photos are pretty good. Cheese is really good too. Too close to call maybe.

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