There are good ideas (i.e. Triple Double Oreos, escalators, Velcro shoes) and then there’s this. Olly is a digital air freshener that, when connected to your computer and synced to your social network feeds, emits an odor when you receive a notification. So instead of a regular chime sounding, you will smell a scent (i.e. Fresh Linen, Taco Bell farts, or as with the original Olly prototype, Pringles). I imagine there will be a period of time where you think to yourself “Hey, why does it smell like laundry in here? I’ve been wearing the same clothes for a week…” and then you’ll finally remember to check your wall. Or perhaps when your cubicle-mate gives you an accusing, side-eye glance as if he believes you nearly shat your pants, you will say “Wait! No! You’re mistaken — Olly is making that smell. NOT my ass. Someone must have re-tweeted me!” That is when he’ll put in a request to change departments. Maybe then you’ll realize this whole Olly thing was a great investment. Cubicle all to yourself!

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