By now, your selfie game is on point. But butt selfies are still a pain in the ass (!!!) unless you use a mirror/are double jointed/all of the above. Taking the perfect belfie is like a science. Until now! Enter the BelfieStick. It’s similar to a selfie stick, but it bends in the middle so you can angle it to snap the perfect picture of your booty. Preorder your very own for just $80. Alternatively, just lift a pic from google image search (“juicy butt” or “voluptuous rump” are good for starters) and call it a day. Don’t judge — $80 is too much money to spend on a product that I’m going to use once only to realize my butt is mega junky, and toss in the back of a closet, never to be spoken of again. BelfieStick? What BelfieStick? God, my ass is so lame.

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