I’m Getting Arrested is a new Android app that allows you to alert pre-chosen contacts that you’ve been arrested with a single click. Wow, where the hell was this thing when I was arrested the last 6 times? Unless you’re me (be thankful you’re not, btw), you don’t really live your life assuming you’ll ever be arrested. It won’t dawn on you until the officer is cuffing you and reading out your rights (I know them by heart!) that you probably should have downloaded the app, just in case. So… kind of a hindsight is 20/20 situation. Lord knows once I get the app, I’m gonna give it a test run with my mom. Because last time I got arrested I called her from the clink and she crinkled a candy wrapper into the receiver saying “STATIC, STATIC! Who is this?!” and hung up. That was my one phone call and I wasn’t released for four more days.

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Via: rt.com