This is a video showing off the EaTheremine, a musical fork that plays various sounds as you eat based on the shape and consistency of the food. Like, when the lady in the vid bites into a cucumber the instrumental utensil says “CHOMP!” When she nibbles on a piece of cheese, I’m pretty certain the fork says “TACO!” And as she devours a stick of celery, the EaTheremine screams bloody murder. Did I mention this thing is from Japan? I probably should’ve mentioned that this thing is from Japan. The developers are a research group from the Ochanomizu University in Tokyo who created it in hopes that it would encourage people to eat more and try new foods. I’m not really sure how a fork that screams when you’re eating vegetables is going to get people to eat more. In fact, it kinda sounds like it’d accomplish the exact opposite. And if it’ll get my mom off my back about finishing my peas before I can eat dessert then I’m definitely willing to give it a try!

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