This is an iPhone Lanyard by Lanskin. It’s a case that attaches your iPhone to your neck. Why? More like why not? Jk, the question here is absolutely why? Like, that guy in the photo up top, for example: do you think your iPhone dangling from your throat will wow everyone at the next board meeting? Weight lifter lady down there: is having it around your more convenient than having it in your pocket? And extreme skier guy: seriously? Is having your phone so close to your face as you’re barreling down a mountain really necessary? I just don’t understand. An iPhone lanyard should NOT exist. A vino lanyard, okay, that makes total sense. Ooh, and a BOXED wine lanyard would be the shit! Seriously, somebody get on making that a real thing.




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  1. Jenni Chasteen

    Haha it looks shopped onto every picture… it’s a different size in every picture.

  2. Henri ShihTzu

    More stupidity

  3. Bootlegger

    I recently told my wife I wanted to market this didn’t realize it had been done. My reason was for in the case of a car accident. Have you ever looked at the interior of a car after a sudden impact? Think your going to be able to find your phone?