It’s summertime and everyone is complaining mosquito bites. Me? I’ve got a clever solution to avoid the problem. It’s called being a hermit and never opening your windows. It’s pretty effective, but some people actually like sunshine and human interaction (go figure right?) so it doesn’t work for everyone. Luckily some super smart researchers and sciency types have invented a small patch that makes you pretty much invisible to mosquitoes. Right now they’re raising money on Indiegogo to send the Kite Patch to parts of the world affected by malaria and other diseases carried by mosquitoes. For just $10 you can provide a 5 pack of Kites to a family in need. And if you pledge $85 you’ll not only send 100 day supply to a family in need, you’ll also get some for yourself. Suck it mosquitoes! Oh wait, don’t! That’s the point!

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Via: io9


  1. Ron Warner

    Can I just buy them for myself or what?

  2. Cheeze

    It says, “And if you pledge $85 you’ll not only send 100 day supply to a family in need, you’ll also get some for yourself.”

  3. texastea2

    If it cost 85 US for 100 days you have a LONG ways to go before this is even remotely an solution the the problem of mosquito borne illness. Like 65% less expensive A family of 4 paying 650$US for 200 days 1000$US for a year of protection is just not practical. 65% drop would only be a starting point to where it might help. Right now it is only for the wealthy.

  4. Ron Warner

    Right, I don’t want to spend $85 on a bunch of these things for someone else. I want to spend like $10 and get a bunch just for me. I’m cold-hearted like that.

  5. Aleks

    No its actually a great deal. $85 for an entire summer . . for FAMILY, not one. I pay at least $135 every 4-6 weeks for my small yard to get sprayed and it doesn’t even work that well, just helps. I’m excited about it!!!!

  6. texastea2

    The areas of the world that suffer from Mosquito born disease usually live where there is no little yard.

    Usually a jungle. Also they are simply trying to raise a family by growing their own food and enough something to barter for what else they need just to survive.

    135$ every 6 weeks is not even close to reality to these people.
    In the so called western world. Or the so called rich countries mosquitoes are a pest. Not much more. Elsewhere mosquitoes kill millions.

    I will wait before I get excited. Again Way too expensive. Especially when mosquito season last ALL year round.

  7. RudeDog

    Crazy idea but, why not market this here in the states to help fund their crusade to save the world?

  8. texastea2

    I do not know but if you keep mesing with my stuff yours will soon follow

  9. Si

    Forgive me, but how exactly does this work? You haven’t even tried to explain it at all :S

  10. marc cummings

    I cannot find anywhere that states if you pledge the 85 dollars you will get some kites for yourself. How many do you get for yourself with the 85 dollar pledge?Would you please post where you found this. My wife and I will be in south america and want some of these.