Because we Americans are too damn lazy and uncoordinated to regular roller skate, Peter Treadway is trying to get these Electric Roller Skates into production. Just kidding, Peter. I mean, yes we absolutely balk at the idea of any kind of physical activity, but we want this because we f***ing love futuristic kinda shit! The spnKiX are controlled by a small wireless remote and can go up to 10 miles per hour. You can contribute to the cause on KickStarter. By donating $375 you can receive a pair if their goal of $25k is met. Me? I’m just gonna hold out for that jetpack I always dreamed of. PSSSHOOOOW!

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  1. TheKrister2

    To bad they look so ugly… like I would never use them since they look so unpleasing :/ or as people from where I’m from say it “It looks like shit”