If regular ol’ leg warmers aren’t enough to keep your legs warm, you could always wear pants USB heated leg warmers. The leg warmers by Japanese company Thanko are powered by USB and use a carbon heater to keep your legs toasty. Whether or not leg warmers are in again is a debate I’ll leave to the fashion experts, but I would guess that any clothing that plugs into your computer is definitely out. With that said, why not just make heated sweatpants? You’ve already got to not care about your appearance to be rocking these at the coffee shop while blogging, so why not go all out? In fact, why not make a USB heated Forever Lazy? Oh right, because all of the heat would escape as soon as you opened the poop flap.

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  1. Lai-Lai

    Bought some from an American company back in 2007. Thay also had USB powered fingerless warming gloves.

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