I prefer a laptop, smartphone, or tablet over a television any day. But true lazies love the boob tube because it’s a truly hands-free experience, provided you put the remote control down. This Adjustable Tablet Stand allows hands-free usage of your preferred tablet or iPad while you recline in an chair, kick back on the couch, or even lie down in bed. It boasts six positions, quickly folds down and stores anywhere. Of course, you’ll still need a free finger for scrolling through a book or browsing the web, but the movie watching experience is greatly improved by this go-go-gadget tablet stand.

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Via: www.thegreenhead.com


  1. LuanNg88

    The prophecy in Wall E is coming true!

  2. Glenn

    The SwingHolder is far Superior; the product you’ve promoted above is pretty flimsey and unbalanced in comparison.