If you’ve ever shaved your head, you know that in order to avoid cutting yourself, you have to take your time with each and every stroke,which ultimately makes shaving your head a time consuming process. One Youtube user has shaved (pun intended) a significant amount of time off of the process by inventing a helmet with several motorized razor blades in it, that do the job for you. The helmet has LED lights to indicate whether or not it’s still working, and it even dispenses shaving cream as the blades move, to ensure a smooth, clean shave. This helmet takes the tedious process of shaving your head and cuts it down to a quick easy process that can be completed in seconds. While I’m all for saving time, I just don’t think I could bring myself to put my head in this thing. If science fiction has taught me anything, it’s that one day, the machines are going to rise up against us. I’d rather not have my head in this thing when that happens.

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  1. Rheagan

    That’s pretty awesome!

  2. captain obvious

    Hmmmm… this mice but what I need is a pair of shaving underpants. Could this technology be applied to that?