The iPad has undoubtedly made every aspect of our lives better. We can watch videos on the train, surf the web in bed and even get some work done in the can. But after the first few weeks of never putting it down for even a second, the inevitable hand cramping sets in and its novelty starts to wear off. (Plus, how are you washing your hands if you’re taking it to the bathroom? Exactly, you’re not.) In order to make the iPad even more awesomer, designers Seth & Juan invented Hanfree, the hands-free iPad accessory. Handfree’s design allows you to use your iPad hands-free anywhere in your home—the couch, the counter, even in bed. The base has rounded edges (read: kid friendly) that won’t snag on sheets and the flexible neck swings to stay out of your way.

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  1. Daniel

    Look now at the comments on the Hanfree Kickstarter page.

    With a goal of $15,000, Seth Quest raised $35,004. Until 3 October 2011, he reported as if things were going well. Then he lapsed into silence for a while. On 28 November, he returned to announce the collapse of the project.

    His initial posture was that Kickstarter is a roll of the dice, and that his buyers had simply lost their money. Although he’s not completely abandoned that posture, when it was forcefully explained to him that there was a legal contract between him and the buyers, he supplemented this claim with an insinuation that his obligations were transferred to a corporation that he formed, and evaporated when that corporation were dissolved. He has also said that he is trying to arrive at a settlement, and would do so if only buyers would behve more deferentially. Meanwhile, some buyers have been demanding documentation on how the money was spent, but Quest won’t even supply that.

    The Hanfree project was most probably begun in sincerity. But somewhere along the line, Quest and his associates began using the money for other things, and allowed themselves to not think about what was coming when that money ran out.