If your grandfather is anything like mine, he probably doesn’t have a cell phone, and when you ask him why not, he probably has a different excuse every time. The buttons are too damned small! The damned thing is too complicated! I can’t make out what’s going on on the damned screen! Yea, I’ve heard them all. Thanks to the Bluchip BC5i Bib Button Phone, Grandpa can’t make up any more excuses to avoid getting a cell phone. This phone has large buttons, a nice bright back light, a simple and clear screen, a led flashlight built into it, and even an emergency button on the back. Awesome, now grandpa will be able to text me to tell me my hair’s too damned long and I should get a real job instead of this writing crap!

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  1. Truthiness

    As a person who, on a daily basis, has to deal with trying to help their grandmother use her cell phone, I can tell you a huge improvement would be having the words “call” and “hang-up” on the buttons instead of pictures of a green phone and a red phone. Elderly people don’t deal with symbols very well.

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