You might have nostalgic feelings towards you old Gameboy, but who needs black and white tetris when you can play Ocarina of Time on your 3DS? Realistically you’re probably not going to carry that thing around just for the sake of clinging hopelessly to your childhood. Unless you’re like me—I refuse to go anywhere without my rainbow bright nightgown and teenage mutant ninja turtles sweatband (which is why I’m a shut-in—no one LETS me go anywhere with that stuff). But this Gameboy Mini Watch… or Watch Boy, turns your unhealthy attachment to the past into a fashion accessory. The Watch Boy is actually an official Nintendo product released back when boybands roamed the earth, so the only place to get one is on eBay. (Hurry, the auction ends May 19th!)

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  1. Hich

    I sell my Nintendo Watch Boy; anyone interested?

  2. mike


  3. Hich

    It doesn’t work anymore but it is really well kept (I can send some photos to you if you want). Please contact me if you want more information about it: [email protected]

  4. bob

    “who needs black and white tetris?”

    nobody, but we ALL NEED our old black and GREEN tetris…

  5. gijs

    if the offer is still going, for sure.
    do know what’s wrong with it? and how much do you ask?

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