As your eyes become heavy and the troubles of the day begin to melt away, you find yourself drifting off into a deep relaxing sleep. All of your cares disappear as you begin to dream of past experiences and fantastical adventures, and then you begin to realize that the honking sound you’re hearing isn’t part of a dream, but rather the sound of the horn of the car you’re about to crash into because your dumb ass fell asleep at the wheel. Fortunately, you can avoid using oncoming traffic as an alarm clock with the Anti Sleep Pilot app for your iPhone. The app uses the iPhone’s hardware to measure how alert and responsive you are in order to let you know when to get off the road. It also includes a GPS map function to show how far you can safely travel, and a built in music player. Now if the app could bring me coffee, it would be perfect for long trips. Still, I have to admit, it’s pretty impressive as is.

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