How does a flashlight earn the name “the intimidator”? By shining so bright that it induces a “deer in headlights” reaction from human beings. Think that’s an exaggeration? The Olight SR90 Intimidator Flashlight outputs more light than car headlights and getting 2200 lumens in the face would be enough to give anyone pause. Throw in a strobe mode and you’ve got yourself a seriously intimidating light source. Imagine what would go through your mind… “Holy crap! Is that a UFO? What does it want?” Now the deer don’t seem quite so stupid do they? It’s not the smallest or longest lasting flashlight, but it’s definitely the brightest. Even still, for what it does, the battery life is pretty impressive. At its max output, the Intimidator Flashlight can shine for 80 minutes, while its “low” setting of 700 lumens extends the battery life to 9 hours.

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