A while back we featured a concept for a phone app that magically helps you find stuff that’s missing like your keys, wallet, or TV remote. Then we immediately went back to looking for all of those things while cursing under our breath. But soon thanks to Stick-N-Find we’re not going to have to waste any more time looking for stuff. Stick-N-Find is a small sticker that uses Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone. You can stick it to anything (keys, luggage, pets) and if it’s within a 100 foot range of your phone, it will show up on the Stick-N-Find app’s radar. Then the only thing you have to worry about is what you’re going to do with all the extra free time you’ll have.

Support the project on Indiegogo to pre-order a Stick-N-Find.

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  1. blu21

    We were all excited to hear about StickNFind because it sounded like a good idea. However, their customer support is more than lacking and for having raised almost $1M, they have a LOT of angry customers. Issues range from not receiving items that were supposedly mailed out; no communication with the support staff; no refunds under any circumstances; the vagueness of the requirements for SNF to operate; and the deleting of posts from unhappy supporters. I strongly urge you to visit their facebook page before making any decisions to purchase from them. There is absolutely no excuse for a business to treat their investors how they have treated theirs.


  2. JAS

    Works differently than the time of purchase on the website written not with any Android 4.0 smartphone with bluetooth 4.0. I have tested it on multiple devices, without success. the support still could not create remedy after three months. Refund rejected. Now I have a worthless sticker for the garbage.

  3. Gar

    Hey JAS, send it to me. If it works, I’ll pay $15 for it. I understand that no Android devices currently have Bluetooth 4.0, that is why it does not work. If you have a friend with an iPhone 4S or later, have them try it.

    I’m [email protected]


  4. findathingapp

    I used the FINDATHING app to REMEMBER where important things are like spare key, passports, my parked bicyle. Its cheap and doesn’t contstrain you to 100 feet distance. The object ca be anywhere. It even has a map of where it is

  5. jfbg

    The idea It’s good but really it didn’t work. It’s very slow and don’t help me when I’m looking for the things I lost. One of the sticker that I bought didn’t work.

  6. Alexandra Milo

    If you are not satisfied with SticksandFind app, you can use Find My Stuff – free iOS app that supports all beacon types.

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