PiePal beta: Ordering Pizza With The Push of a Button from iStrategyLabs on Vimeo.

Because needing pizza is absolutely an emergency (but NOT a 911 type emergency, just trust me on this one), here’s PiePal, an emergency button that, when pushed, orders pizza. The PiePal (more like Pizza Bestie!) was created by the folks over istrategyLabs who say the product will be available soon. OMG, the future is now soon! A while back we were teased with a similar concept, but this one’s different. And dare I say… better? The PiePal is functional anywhere there’s a Domino’s, not just Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai. Plus, it’s got a dial to select how many zas you want. OMG YES: crank it up to 11 and rip the knob off! If you’re like me and have dedicated your life to pizza, you should sign up to be a beta tester. Lord Pizza knows I did! Don’t you pizza? *kisses*

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  1. Tom

    Is it just a random pizza they give you, or only a pizza selected when bought?