Because some people can’t just hold their iPhone like a regular person, here’s Vyne, a stand shaped like a belt. You can clip and manipulate it to wrap around your neck, or stand on a flat surface. It’s intended for hands-free viewing for an extended period of time. I mean, I guess? But seriously, I can see this in the SkyMall magazine and hopefully nowhere else. I never want to see a human donning this doofy thing. Yeah, yeah — it’s convenient, I guess. For the wearer! But everyone around you will be terribly inconvenienced by having to look at you wearing it. And are you really that selfish? Oh. You are. Well, at least you’re honest. A total jerk, but honest.

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  1. cody

    How could I get one of these? Is it being sold yet?


    Guess some people can’t think of others like Brittany High, this is perfect for a wheelchair bound person such as myself. Great product, i need to order right now!

  3. dd

    This would be perfect for reading in bed!

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