This is Flower Power, a little device you stick in your house or garden plant’s soil. It comes with a free app that informs you of sunlight received, temperature and humidity of the soil, and if your plant needs watering. Ooh, if I was involved with the process, Flower Power would cry “I’m dyiiiiiing!” to remind you that your plants are shriveling up and need some damn water. Seriously though, are we so distracted that we actually need our smartphones to remind us when to take care of our plants? Yes. The answer’s yes. Personally, I’ve got 111 floors and tons of employees on Tiny Tower and I’m forever having to hire and fire, evict and replace residents, stock and restock every damn shop I’ve got. It’s pretty much a full-time job. Ugh, if only my mom could understand that I’m more or less gainfully employed!


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