Finder is a conceptual app that helps you find misplaced items. All you have to do is apply a RFID sticker to anything you could possibly lose (keys, wallet, virginity, chapstick, baby) and label it through the program on your smartphone. When you type in the name of the missing object, Finder will indicate where it is in relation to you. And from there it’s basically a game of “Hotter or Colder.” That sounds really convenient since I’m notorious for losing things. Just the other day I was looking for the beef jerky I picked up at the gas station. I mean, I looked everywhere. Eventually I found the empty bag in my dog’s bed. For the life of me I can’t remember leaving it there or even eating the jerky in the first place! Life’s little mysteries, ya know?

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  1. Brent Ferris

    I hate articles that are obviously out-dated. And authors that think that in this day and age an article DATE is UNimportant! But assuming this article published today. You might want to Google “sticknfind” and “tile”.

  2. Brittany High

    Hi Brent, I know it’s not listed on the site, but this was posted on Nov 15, 2011… sorry for any confusion!

  3. Richard

    Is this on sale now?

  4. nop