Here are The Cool Breeze air conditioned dress shoes for men. They’re brought to us by Hydo-Tech for the Super Cool Biz campaign. The company claims that the advanced filter technology keeps your feet refreshed and clean. Cool (I mean that literally and figuratively!!), but before I invest in Air Conditioned Shoes, I’d really like to have an Air Conditioned Office. You know what I’m sayin’? I’m saying my boss is cheap and didn’t get the AC fixed before the heat wave. It’s f***ing 90 degrees in here. My butt is stuck to my chair!


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  1. Omar

    I’m sceptical of anything this “Cool” that costs that little.

  2. Marco DNM

    Considering the price and the Japanese website (which I’ve seen through google translate) it seems to me that they are a very simple low-cost “breathing” shoes. Something that’s in the market since at least for 20 years ago… (Geox to say an example of a brand)

  3. the do

    they warp up in tin foil

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