Bird watching means spending hours of sitting around waiting for birds to do something cool. While the payoff of getting to see some beautiful birds might seem worthwhile, think of all the TV you could be watching instead. Thanks to the Bird Photo Booth by Bryson Lovett you can put down your binoculars and pick up that remote. Bird Photo Booth is a bird feeder designed to let you watch, photograph, and record video of all the birdies that hang out in your backyard—and you never have to get off the sofa. It’s made to work with an iPhone or GoPro camera and includes a macro optic lens and stainless steel perch. Just don’t set one up if you have an outdoor cat—your bird photos will not be pretty.

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  1. lydia

    Where can i buy this as my mother would like it for her birthday?

  2. feral floss

    my nanna would like this

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