As a kid I remember playing arcade racing games and imaging how cool it would be to drive for real. Now as an adult while I’m driving I imagine how cool it would be if life was more like a video game and I could steal a car, crash it into a toll booth and walk away undamaged GTA style. While the OutRun Project doesn’t even come close to recreating THAT experience in real life, it does bridge the gap between driving and gaming. Informatics researcher Garnet Hertz made it possible to drive and game at the same time with this OutRun arcade game car. It’s not just an old arcade game strapped to a golf cart (which wouldn’t be very practical or safe) but a clever device that uses software to render the terrain in 8-bit graphics on screen so the driver and can see.

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  1. tom

    stupid. saw nothing that shows it does what they say it does. I want my damn 3 minutes back.