If you’ve always wanted to express yourself through gifs IRL while riding a bike AND you’re cool with spending a little less than a grand to do so, then get ready for some big news. Monkey Light Pro by MonkeyLectric is a new Kickstarter project for a bicycle wheel display system that uses lights and math (a.k.a. magic) to display animated gifs on your bike wheels. The system comes pre-loaded with custom artwork and animation from more than 10 artists and allows you to add your own gifs. MonkeyLectric also plans to create a smartphone app that will let you control the graphics on the fly. Add some speakers to your bike and you’re basically a IRL rolling YTMND.




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Via: www.obviouswinner.com


  1. James Kindle

    Wow these look awesome! I wonder if they’ll feature in the Tour De France this year, haha!

  2. Scherrill Boubel

    How about having a headset connected to it by bluetooth and tell it what you want it to say while riding it!

  3. Taylor

    900$?? Something like this doesn’t cost this much to even think about making. I have hula hoops that are cooler for 1/4 the price. And can do the same thing by just spinning it around my arm.

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