The digital age has been an absolutely amazing upgrade in photography. The only issue is, how many of the photos you take actually end up getting printed out? Probably less than half. This holds especially true when it comes to the pictures you snap on your fancy smartphone. Now if you have an iPhone, you can print them directly from your device. Requiring no computer or software, the iPhone Photo Printer is controlled from your iPhone via a free downloadable app. In less than a minute and without ink cartridges, it prints crystal-clear 300 dpi resolution pictures with vibrant colors, thanks to patented paper embedded with yellow, magenta, and cyan dye crystals. The photographs are smudge- and tear-proof, fade- and water-resistant. Occupying no more desktop area than a box of tissues, the printer also charges a docked iPhone or iPod touch. And just in case you’re not on board with Apple, other smart phones can be connected via a mini USB jack.

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