This is the Tweeting Bra, a bra that sends a Tweet each time it’s unclasped. It’s designed by OgilvyOne Athens who created it for a campaign by Netsle Fitness. The hope for the Tweeting Bra is that it will promote breast cancer awareness. However, I imagine it’s really only successful in promoting pervy dudes to pay closer attention to your Twitter feed to see when you’re going braless. Still, I guess some people might be into this — I’m looking at you, people who Twitter like crazy. You Tweet when you’re at the grocery store, making a sandwich, talking to a stranger, walking your dog, eating a taco, taking a doo… It only makes sense that you announce to the Twitterverse that you’ve unclasped your bra. Yeah, it only makes sense.

Via: Mashable


  1. Dustin Tarditi

    Fathers can keep an eye on their daughters much better now…

    Father to daughter’s boyfriend (pointing at shotgun shell): “See that shell, boy?”
    Boyfriend: “yessir”
    Father: “It goes a LOT faster after 10pm!”

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