Golden Girls Leggings Are Perfect Attire For Golden Girls Marathons

Golden Girls Leggings Are Perfect Attire For Golden Girls Marathons

Check out these amazing Golden Girls leggings sold over at Huntees for $55. They’re not officially licensed, so they’re called Friends Leggings, which must be confusing to the folks who like the show Friends and really want a pair splattered with the faces of like, Johnny and Rachelle and Chandelier or whoever. Now I don’t know where you are on the leggings as pants debate, but personally, I say: wear what makes you comfortable. Sure, we should all strive to present the best versions of ourselves, but are we not already doing the best we can? Like, maybe you believe leggings do not count as pants, but maybe the person wearing leggings as pants wasn’t even considering pants at all. Maybe that person was debating going out with no leggings, leaving the house bare-assed. You don’t know. Maybe their best right now is leggings. And if you had to choose between bare-assed and leggings (pants are completely off the table, here), I’m guessing you’d prefer the stranger be wearing leggings. So let’s just give each other a little bit of a break, eh?

Thanks to my friend Peter Dragon for sending in the tip. And also… ♫ Thank you for being a friend. ♫


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