Another day, another weird Japanese product that makes me sleep a little less easy at night. Today we have the Face Slimmer, an anti-aging piece of molded plastic. The intent of the product is to achieve perfect duck lips. I… am gonna pretend like I didn’t know that. The Face Slimmer fits around the lips, forcing them open. The wearer is to recite each vowel sound out loud twice a day, three times a minute. The instructions suggest doing the exercises while bathing because — I don’t know. Your face is more flexy then? Multitasking? I couldn’t tell you, I’m a little unclear on the description on the product site. Mainly because I can’t read. I’m just making this up as I go!

Check it out



  1. Rachel

    I’ve seen this product before on youtube and I’m pretty sure it is to improve your singing (because it makes you sing with open vowels and not be nasally?). Either way its…unique. haha

  2. Melinda

    Is there somewhere (a link) that I can purchase one?

  3. stallion duck

    It’s nice blowjob ! hahah

  4. QuirkyMissKiwi

    Great Valentine’s Gift! LOL

  5. Ndaz

    blow job helper lolololol

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