Do you know that it’s possible to shoot better arrows if you follow the methods of the pros? Mastering the archery techniques requires some commitment and readiness to practice right. It’s not about the number of arrows you shoot only, but how well you do it also matters a lot.


Everyone you meet in this sport wants to develop the skills as soon as possible. The truth is, it takes time and lots of effort to achieve that excellent level of expertise that’ll hit the target perfectly. But if you know what to do, how to shoot, and when, you’ll get there.


So, if you want to shoot arrows that counts, follow these tips from professionals.


  1. Shoot many arrows per end


Yes, the quantity of arrows you shoot per end every day also matters a lot. If you come across pros and coaches, they’ll tell you that shooting six, twelve, or even fifteen arrows have many advantages. The first one is that it will help you to complete every round very fast. Also, it will help you to develop a rhythm, especially when you see the groups formed by those arrows on your target. Finally, you’ll avoid constant trips to collect more arrows.


  1. Put lots of effort


The number of arrows you shoot in a day doesn’t matter. What matters is the level of effort you put into it to make it perfect. We’re usually tempted to shoot as many as we want, and that gets us all fired up. But instead of just wasting all those arrows without hitting your target, make sure you try hard to get it right with every arrow you shoot. So, the first tip is to put a whole deal of effort to ensure that the one you did shoot is meaningful always.


  1. Get the timing right


One of the instructions you will get from professional archers is to practice timing routines. Instead of depending on the forty seconds for every arrow, use 20 seconds and then wait as if you are allowing an opponent to shoot his/her arrows. This style will help you a lot to concentrate and hit the target.


  1. Shoot in sessions


This is another practice method that will help you to shoot better arrows. Let your practice be broken is sessions instead of shooting continuously the whole time you want to practice. If you’re someone who sits through competitions, you must know that competitors don’t shoot up to 250 or 300 arrows one day. So, you can break down your practice sessions to shoot at least 100 arrows in every session. That way, you can use the time between each session to prepare your body for the next session. You can do some warm-ups and downs, plus some time to relax mentally. This will help you to achieve quality shots instead of quantity.


  1. Shoot with control.


How have you been shooting your arrows all these while? Do you just execute your shots without practising on controlling them? There are many techniques to use when you want to control your impulses to shoot. One of them is to target a number and count down to it before shooting. For instance, your execution number may be 10 or any number at all. Once you draw your bow fully, start counting from one until you get to ten, and then you release the arrow. This will help you to shoot with control.


  1. Practice like someone in a Tournament


If you want to be a serious archer, make sure you shoot as if you’re in a tournament. If you’re not shooting the arrows competitively, it’ll just be a usual day of releasing arrows at a target. It’s not easy to feel the pressure which tournaments incites in competitors. So, the simplest thing to do is to set goals for yourself during practice.


  1. Use a Foremaster


Many archers call it a shot trainer while others know it as a foremaster. You can buy it from the shop, or you can make one as a DIY project. This loop is crucial because it helps you to use the proper tension in your shoulders and back-drawing muscles. If you don’t use these parts of your body very well, you may collapse. So, practice with a foremaster.


  1. Don’t forget the stretch bands.


Many professionals warm up with these exercise bands, and you need them too. The bands help to stimulate your muscles for a smooth movement while shooting. So by practicing with stretch bands, you will achieve better shots.


  1. Practice on a blank boss


If professionals use them even at tournaments, what’s stopping you from doing the same? One of the reasons for shooting at a blank boss is that it’ll help you to always focus on what you need to achieve.


  1. Practice aiming off


This technique helps a lot to hit the target. According to some experts, if your target is hitting the yellow, you can aim off to the red and finally achieve the target. Yes, it’s tricky, but it helps you to stop fighting the wind, but instead, use it to your advantage.




Being a perfect shot requires practicing with seriousness and concentration. Also, it would be best if you practiced with high-quality crossbows from We’ve even shared some of the methods that’ll help your goal. Try them and shoot better arrows.


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