Turn an A cup in to double Ds AND sport your favorite beverage for yourself and your friends! Better than a Boob Job and Cheaper Too! Not to mention the savings on over priced drinks. And as a bonus, with a simple blow into the tube it’s easy to keep that full look even as you drink from your secret stash.

Sporting the WineRack will even give Pamela Anderson a run for her money. The WineRack has been featured in PlayBoy (which means it must be good) and has been featured on TV and in the news.

Take a bottle of wine, a mixed drink, or even a fifth of your favorite hard stuff to the movies, concerts, ball games, even PTA meetings. Sporting a rack that will turn heads and serving a beverage that will have guys standing in line for a sip of your secret stash!

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  1. Emme Toaye

    I gotta have one of these wine flask bras so I can serve some nice boob warmed wine to my hubby on our Friday nite date nite. Or, who knows maybe I’ll become really popular at those chilly football games!

  2. Briana Smith

    sounds like a good idea until you think about it. then you realize, what kind of ass would drink at a PTA meeting?

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