Ever feel like some couples are just a little too close? If you answered no, then you’re probably guilty of one or more of the following: too much PDA, doing EVERYTHING with your partner, and using really annoying pet names in front of other people. It’s sweet that you guys love each other more than anything ever in the whole wide world, but it wouldn’t hurt to tone it down… just a little. If not, you might find yourself using one of these products for extremely close couples.

Products for Extremely Close Couples

Veasyble Privacy Dome

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way no one else had to watch you suck face in public? The Veasyble designed by Luca Nelli lets you and your sweetheart make out in pseudo-privacy… except now you’re drawing even more attention to yourselves by being weird. Plus we can still totally see what your hands are doing. Check it out | Source

Products for Extremely Close Couples

Sway Chair

The Sway Chair is obviously made for couples still in the honeymoon phase because anyone who’s been in a relationship longer than 5 years knows that personal space is precious. Check it out

Products for Extremely Close Couples

Modular Love Mattress

You really gotta give some couples credit for their dedication to cuddling all night. Despite the fact that one or both of them can no longer feel their arm, some couples can stick it out. Of course there would be no shame in using this bed by Mehdi Mojtabvi to avoid cutting off circulation. Source

Products for Extremely Close Couples

Heart Shaped Smittens

Smittens are great for couples who couldn’t bare not touching for even a minute. But they just weren’t obnoxiously lovey-dovey enough… until they became available in a heart shape. Check it out | Source

Products for Extremely Close Couples

Beating Heart Pillows

If it pains you to spend the night away from your shnookums, then perhaps these beating heart pillows will soften the blow. Each person wears a ring sensor and the pillow will glow softly when your lover goes to bed. When you lay your head on it you can hear his or her heartbeat in real time. Check it out

Products for Extremely Close Couples

The Love Tees

One of the cutest most annoying things a couple can do (aside from sucking face in public) is wear matching clothing. The Love Tees take the idea of matching and make it a bit less cheesy. Instead of being that couple wearing matching polka dot sweaters, you’re that couple wearing shirts that spell out “LOVE.” Check it out

Products for Extremely Close Couples

Shower Head for Two

Showering together sounds sexy but it doesn’t work as well as you’d like. To actually get clean, you have to take turns under the shower head… unless you have a shower head built for two. Check it out | Source

Products for Extremely Close Couples

Perfect Body Duvet Covers

Most of these products seem to be for new couples who are so cute it’s sickening, but Perfect Body Duvet Covers are for couples who’ve been together for a long time—so long that they’ve let themselves go and can’t stand to look at each other naked any more. Source

Products for Extremely Close Couples

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk connects with your smartphone so you can talk to your lover through your pillow… hands-free. (Giggity.) Source

Products for Extremely Close Couples

The Emergency Bra

Sure, the emergency bra would be great to have in case of poisonous gas leak… but you’d have to be pretty close to a guy to take your bra off and let him sniff inside of it in any situation. Check it out

Products for Extremely Close Couples

Brezza Bathtub for Two

Sorry, but bath time is “me” time. Why on earth would anyone want to take a relaxing bath next to (but not technically “with) the same person who steals the covers and leaves empty milk cartons in the fridge? Obviously another product for couples who haven’t been together long enough to realize how much they can’t stand each other. Check it out | Source

Products for Extremely Close Couples

Say I Love You Drinking Glass Set

Some couples claim that the secret to keeping their love alive is being romantic. Couples who aren’t goddamn liars admit that they drink. Either way make your friends as sick as you’ll be tomorrow morning with these super sweet drinking glasses. Check it out

Products for Extremely Close Couples

Kissenger Kissing Robot

If you’re in a long distance relationship you can totally justify stuff like Pillow Talk or beating heart pillows, but a robot pig that you simultaneously make out with? Just get in the car and drive the 8 hours already! Source

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  1. Nikki Haase

    Did you have to be so goddamn negative about intimacy? It is possible for couples to, you know, NOT HATE EACH OTHER. If your relationship is resentful, take a look at that yourself. Don’t bash on everyone else’s happiness.

  2. Indigo

    I like the Love tees.. dressing alike is cute and nostalgic