There are basically two types of nature posts on the internet: ones that make you saw “Awww” and ones that make you say “Ewww.” This post is definitely the latter. While mother nature has done some things really right (like kittens and baby seals) she’s also done some things really really wrong… like giant, terrifying bugs. Forget your shoe… grab a brick, or better yet a flamethrower if you ever see one of these things up close.

Assassin Bug

Assassin Bug

Now here’s a bug that knows how to strike fear in the hearts of its enemies. Covered in bug corpses, this bug looks super intimidating to humans, let alone other bugs. Imagine how terrifying that would be in human form… some guy just walking around with like bloody heads and limbs attached to him. Source


New Zealand Weta

Most people exaggerate the size of bugs. “Did you see that thing? It was LITERALLY the size of a cat.” That means with this weta, the world’s heaviest bug, most people would probably claim is was no smaller than a school bus full of children. But seriously, exaggerations or not, look at it eat a carrot—that could easily be your finger. Source

Big Ass Snake Eating Spider

Big Ass Snake Eating Spider

Until recently I had assumed that the natural enemies of the brown tree snake were the Red-bellied Black Snake, the cane toad, and maybe Samuel L. Jackson. But apparently you can add giant spiders to that list. Spotted in some dude’s backyard in Freshwater, Australia, eyewitness Ant Hadleigh said, “You could see the spider just chewing into it and the part which the spider was eating had gone all black and the insides were bubbling.” Dayum. Source

Golden Orb Weaver Spider That Eats Birds

Golden Orb Weaver Spider That Eats Birds

Another giant spider was spotted in Australia—again, in someone’s backyard—this time eating a bird. Joel Shakespeare, head spider keeping at NSW’s Australian Reptile Park assures us that this is not normal… they usually eat large insects. That makes me feel… better? Actually, no… that makes me feel afraid of giant bird-sized bugs. Source

Japanese Giant Hornet

Japanese Giant Hornet

As if a bug the size of your thumb wasn’t scary enough, how about a poisonous flesh-melting hornet? The Japanese Giant Hornet shoots acid at your eyes which contains a pheromone that attracts other hornets who are gonna sting the crap out of you until you die. That’s right people… tracker jackers are pretty much a real thing. Source

Giant Katydid

Giant Katydid

They might be more or less harmless, but it’s hard to feel safe around a bug that looks like a leaf and is bigger than a gerbil. Source


I don’t know man, some kind of evil grasshopper?

I have no idea what this thing is, but it apparently lives in the US. It was found by some dude vacationing in Wisconsin who describes it as “big and scary, but calm and nice.” Then it ripped his nose off with those giant pincers. Source

Titan Beetle

Titan Beetle

There may not be anything inherently scary about beetles, but it’s hard to see past the fact this one looks kinda like a giant cockroach. Oh and the fact that its mandibles can snap a pencil in half. Source

Giant Isopod

Giant Isopod

Okay, technically this is a crustacean and not an insect, but that doesn’t really make it any less creepy… and I certainly wouldn’t want to eat one with melted butter. It’s basically the giant pill bug of the sea. Ew. Source

Scutigera Coleoptrata

Scutigera Coleoptrata

The Scutigera coleoptrata is also known as the house centipede… in this case because it’s roughly the size of a house. While they generally eat other creepy crawlies like spiders, bedbugs, termites and roaches… do you really want to keep that thing around? Source

Red Rumped Tarantula

Red Rumped Tarantula

Apparently some people keep these things as pets and feed them stuff like crickets, mealworms and you know, the occasional lizard. Of course it’s not a great idea to handle them because they do sometimes bite and flick their urticating hairs at you which cause you to break out in a crazy rash. Sounds like a great pet otherwise. Source

Brahmin-moth Caterpillar

Brahmin-moth Caterpillar

It’s official. I’m never leaving the house again. Source

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  1. Mike

    The creepy looking bug (I don’t know man, some kind of evil grasshopper?) is actually a Dobsonfly. You may have possibly used its larva (Helgramites) as fishing bait in your past…

  2. amie

    I believe that the “calm and nice” bug pictured above (from Wisconsin) is a dobsonfly with damaged wings. These are common in New York and are very large, and can be seen flying around bright lights at night during the summer. The adult dobson flies seem somewhat docile despite the pincers, but watch out for their larvae (helgramites), which are a few inches long, live under rocks in streams and ponds, have large pincers, and are very aggressive!!!

    Some dobsonfly images:

    Some helgramite images:

  3. Big Softy

    Don’t knock the Giant Isopod until you’ve tried it.
    In the Caribbean they’re called Mere D’homard, (Mother of Lobster) and they taste even better than lobster.

  4. natural trueth

    I think that catterpiller is cute to be honest and very artsy mother nature sure has talent! all the creatures you have shown all play an important part in there ecosystems and are no more worthy of being burnd then a bunny or kitten. I cant believe that you don’t know your ignorance is showing

  5. Don Ho

    How in the hell are you supposed to masturbate to this? It is simply not gonna happening! My skin is crawling!

  6. herp

    my sister one time had a plague of house centipedes, *shiver*

  7. lightningbarer

    I don’t know why I click these links, I always know I’m gonna be scared, but this proves that I’m not insane. There are two places I have permanently crossed off my travel plans and they begin with an A and a J. And I ‘so’ wanted to see Japan, I did but that hornet, no flippin’ way.

  8. rollo

    the 8th pic of the giant unknown bug is an insect known as a dobsonfly

  9. juliebug81

    Ok, the house centipede, I have seen those before & I am in denial that they get that big… I am terrified of the ones I see that are an inch long, if I see one that is as big as the ones in the picture, I am moving to the moon!!!

  10. Camo cat <3

    The 8th picture is actually a helgrowmite they have wings when they get to be adults because we have them here and when we go to the lake do flip rocks over or you’ll meet him.
    What is know at the centipede we call them silver fish I hate and i love bug but i might scream if i see one that big. the giant katidis are awesome! we have small ones my brother absoluty hates!

  11. Derekka Crawford

    A megalopteran to be exact.

  12. Andrew Muguku

    Right behind ya

  13. Gene Roman

    Amazing the knowledge people have. Been living in my own world that i forgot to see what else is out there. Think I’ll go back in…. :-)

  14. cat rock

    #7 is a dobson fly. Harmless for the most part, i was able to catch one and keep it in a jar in my hometown in new hampshire. It had giant tusks and wings and was a terrifying thing to glimpse for the first time on your porch next to the door. I had never seen one before. I also tried to feed it salami, it did not want.. so at least they arent terribly carnivorous, albeit horrifyingly ugly to look at.

  15. Harry

    Helgramite. And the one pictured is a mature adult. The larval form can be found under rocks in streams and some lakes. They are great for bass fishing in their larval form and produce a smell very much like manure as a defense mechanism. Also those punchers sticking out of their heads aren’t just for show and can break skin.

  16. Dallas R Lindsey

    the one who have is a Male Dobsonfly, they aren’t vicious what so ever, but the female’s (which is the one in the picture) have smaller pincers and are said to be very aggresive if approached, but i do agree they are terrifying to see at first glimpse, i saw a female one when i was a kid and it scared the s*** out of me.

  17. Barancy Peloma

    ugh, house centipedes are indeed horrifying- especially when at full size. they are super quick as hell too!
    i have them and wolf spiders in the house. awful monsters they are!!!

  18. Barancy Peloma

    oh, the house centipedes can get quite big- probably at least an inch and a half to two inches if you include the tip of there front legs to their back! and the bigger they get, the QUICKER they get…. they are awful, hellish abominations and i destroy them when i see them.

  19. Dude

    If we’re being exact, megalopteran is a broader category of bug that includes dobsonflies and other bugs. I saw one today and looked this up.

  20. Jesus fucking Christ

    #……. Holy fucking shit. Mother nature, y u do dis?

  21. Bug-loving weirdo

    (ok besides the house centipede because *gags*…) they’re all so cute!

  22. Guest

    Quality writing when the title implies killing things with fire, and the author confuses “poison” and “venom”.
    Also, writing about stuff and not knowing what it is and describing it as

  23. The Gooch

    Quality journalism that instigates the killing invertebrates with fire, whilst confusing “posion” and “venom” and failing to identify that “evil grasshopper”.

    The only “incredible thing” here is the fact that Jenni Chasteen was allowed to write a fucking article.

  24. goldenfreddy9086


  25. Another Fad


  26. Kaila Grimes

    Where do you live at?

  27. Barancy Peloma


  28. Rick

    In japan they are known as gejigeji and they raise them as pets, so they do get that big.

  29. Jasmyne Danielle Lloyd

    Omg I’d shit bricks I ever came across that beetle or that new Zealand weta

  30. April091010

    Your evil grasshopper is actually a dobsonfly. They only live in their adult life about a week.

  31. Peety

    The adult form is called a Dobson fly

  32. Pixie Lumis Serigala

    These stupid fucks need to learn the difference between poisonous and VENEMOUS…

  33. Cait-the-Great

    One trapped me in my closet once just scurried back and forth above the door frame. I proceeded to scream as quietly as possible (I JUST put the baby down to bed) and have a massive panic attack. It was full grown (at least two inches) and my husband had to rescue me. I didn’t sleep for a week.

  34. Barancy Peloma

    Yes, i understand. I too have seen them get that size and they are awful.

  35. Mason Francisco Sr.

    The winged creature that supposedly bit a guy’s nose off, is a dobsonfly its native to most of North America… And totally harmless.

  36. Natalja

    I see near baltic sea big red bug.

  37. Natalja

    Amazing bug!

  38. teknowh0re

    Yyep those house centipedes….shiverrrrr! Omfg those freakish demon spawn will scurry out from behind your couch -while youre sitting on it!- straight up your wall and proceed to FALL OFF THE WALL- with its big ass 4 INCH LONG disgusting body and its so fuggin big it makes this GROSS sound as it hits the floor….barf. To top it off they are FAST AS HELL and hard to kill. Oh and once you do, good luck picking it up to throw away. *screams and runs away*

  39. ShipEdwardxJen:3

    At school yesterday, some guy drew all over me with black marker, today, I see this website and I see giant spiders on my arm that are actually black marker scribbles. I am paranoid!!!

  40. Jim Freebird

    Best to put a plastic container over one on the wall then quickly close the lid on it and chuck them outside. Takes a knack to do this right but once you get it down it saves you the effort of chasing them down and having SPLATE MARKS ALL OVER YOUR WALLS AND RUG.

  41. Dorothy Morrison

    found it in Walkersville Maryland. seriously wanting to know what it is

  42. Private Private

    That my friend is an understatement! After I would waste one with 3 Cans of Hornet Spray Foam, I would call my chicken shit cats to eat it and after just one look, I am sure to know that the 3 Cans weren’ t quite enough and then I would go to the moon, useless cats!

  43. Private Private

    For real were do the hell you live??????? Remind why I don’t travel out of the USA??

  44. Private Private

    Now have you all seen the Jerusalem Cricket it looks like an alien from hell! We use to get them in our yard in Cali, and my last encounter was when I was 15 yes old I put my foot in my tennis shoe in the AM before school and felt something jot quite right and then my imagination had already in a muck and I emptied the shoe and screamed blood curddling obsenties and I felt like the hair rose 2 inches off my back, you talking about a bad attitude all day long I never was able to concentrate all day and now I was on the outlook for finding one in my bed, they are heidous, why on earth would God create one of those things is beyond me!

  45. Ender Che

    The evil grasshopper is called a “Dobson Fly”. It’s the female. I know, because I almost burned my house down when I found two of them clinging to my front window. Once, never again. They’re docile. Their larva, Hellgrammites (aptly named) are well know as a popular fish bait. They live in rivers.

  46. Darby C. Reeger

    I don’t suppose you would care to see the living mustaches that I’ve sometimes had to try to stomp – the bigger ones seem to also get some kind of super-intelligence gene and seem to be able to predict exactly when to dodge my foot, and can hide like champions.

  47. Isaac Guiste

    I saw this article about how we should eat bugs and how the future for poor people will end up that way. I’d rather kill myself to be frankly honest, even the thought of a fly makes me gag.