Store bought Halloween costumes have certainly improved since the days of plastic masks and smocks, but even still nothing you can buy in a store will ever match the creativity and originality of do-it-yourself homemade costumes. Some costumes make interesting use of gadgets and electronics while some push the limits of what costume manufacturers would ever even dream of. To prove that homemade beats out store bought any day we’ve found some of the most incredible homemade Halloween costumes ever made.

Giant Robot Wolf Mech Costume

What makes a giant robot costume giant? Well for one it doesn’t hurt to make a costume that’s over 9 feet tall using stilts. Otherwise you just have to create the illusion that it’s giant by using a tiny pilot in the head of the costume complete with moving control levers. This guy could have made a robot costume and stopped there, but instead he made a 9’4″ tall “giant” mech wolf with glowing red eyes and a moving pilot inside the mouth. It probably goes without saying that you’re not going to be able to whip one of these up before Halloween as it took the original creator over 5 months to construct. Source

Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine Costume

We predict that you’ll see a fortune teller costume or two this Halloween, but it’s very doubtful that you’ll see one as creative as this Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine Costume. Riding along in his wheeled wood and glass cabinet mounted to a Segway, this mustached mysterioso has everything he needs to predict the future including a light up crystal ball and of course a coin slot. Source

Incredible Homemade Halloween Costumes

Gaping Hole Halloween Costume

You don’t have to know much about sewing or papier-mâché for this particular costume, but you’ll have to know a thing or two about tech. The Gaping Hole Halloween costume creates the illusion that you’re missing a big chunk out of your torso. The LCD DVD player in the front displays a live feed of the digital camera strapped to your back, giving the appearance to anyone who’s looking directly at you that you’ve got a huge gaping hole in your stomach. It’s the kind of costume most people joke about making but don’t have the wherewithal to accomplish themselves. Source

Gaping Hole Halloween Costume

Original Alien Costume

Believe it or not this extremely unique and elaborate Alien costume was made quickly on a budget. Even though some simple items were used to create this original alien character it’s really about how all the pieces come together that make this such a cool costume. The stilts and spikes really make this creature look and feel menacing and dangerous, which comes across even more when you see the wearer move. Check out the video of this alien in action at Will Segerman’s blog. Source

Silent Hill Siam Cosplay

Couples Costumes instantly make a costume idea feel more thought out, but there isn’t a single couples costume idea that we could think of that tops the Silent Hill Siam costume. Unlike pretty much any other couples costume idea (other than perhaps a horse) you really can’t part from your partner once you’re dressed up. In this over the top horror game inspired costume the girl is strapped to the back of the guy and unable to move anything other than her legs. We’re not sure what’s more difficult… getting into the costume or walking around once in it. Source

Dragon Costume with Movable Wings

Most folks would consider a dragon costume with stiff wings to be pretty elaborate, but hardcore costume enthusiasts wouldn’t settle for anything less than spreadable wings. Costume designer Lilleah West engineered two different styles of moving wings for complex dragon costumes. The first style works by pulling on strings and the second one uses latches to hold them in place. Both have their own sets of pros and cons, but either way you go they’re awesome. Source

Dragon Costume with Movable Wings

Heidi Klum’s Hindu Goddess Costume

If you’re going to offend Indian religious leaders you may as well go all out. Heidi Klum never meant to offend with her outrageous Kali costume, but she was drawn to the idea because the Indian Goddess is depicted in such a gruesome way… perfect for Halloween. Heidi’s costume surely missed no detail, with heads skulls and fingers draped over her as she wields an array of weapons. Even still the most noticeable features are the extra arms, blue skin and big hair. Source

Heidi Klum's Hindu Goddess Costume

Star Wars Hovering Boba Fett Costume

Boba Fett costumes have been done, but this one takes the idea to a new heights. This clever costume makes it look as though the Mandalorian bounty hunter is rising off the ground using a jet pack with his legs dangling as he lifts off. His real legs are of course concealed beneath the fake flames since real jet packs ain’t cheap. If the details in the costume weren’t dedication enough the wearer has rollerblades on which adds to the illusion that he’s effortlessly hovering. Source

Transforming Bumble Bee Camaro Costume

We really don’t care how awesome any other Bumble Bee Transformers costume looks… if it doesn’t actually transform into a Camaro then it’s just not that impressive. Impossible to make a working transformers costume you say? Clearly you never saw the actual transforming Bumble Bee costume that converts from robot to car in just a few seconds as the wearer crouches down. Source

Ripley Aliens Power Loader Costume

No, this wasn’t designed for some kind of Aliens convention— it was made purely for Halloween. The creator designed it for his girlfriend’s Ripley costume because apparently the perm wouldn’t be recognizable enough. This elaborate tribute to the 80s sci-fi film measures 8 feet tall and took 180 hours to make. For all intents and purposes it’s functional in that you can move in it and grab things. Source

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