Invented by Erno Rubik in 1973, what is now known the world over as Rubik’s Cube, was originally called the “Magic Cube”. Check out this infographic from our friends at the Online Dating Blog and impress your significant other with all your cube knowledge.

About Rubik's Cube


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  1. Christmas Ideas For 2010

    I could never figure out Rubik’s Cube. Too hard. But I loved the Rubik’s Magic, which came out later. It was the flat one where you had to interlock the rings. That one was pretty cool, and I was actually able to figure it out (probably because it was easier than the cube). These old toys would make great nostalgic Christmas ideas this year.

  2. Shobhana

    I tried to work out the Rubik cube, but to date, am unable to get it right. I hear there is a specific way of doing it which is learned. Am I correct?

  3. Ronny

    Yes, there are several techniques to solve this cube. And the beginner method is easy to do (and to learn) to solve cube under 3 minutes. You can find it everywhere in the internet.
    I myself only solved under 2 minutes with this method, not trying to find faster method though, just find myself satisfied after completion, not looking for faster time.

  4. 0x0x

    Ohhh… Awesome..

  5. scibuff

    @Shobhana yes, just search youtube for tutorials – basically there are very simple algorithms that will enable you to solve any puzzle within 1-2 minutes.

  6. James

    youtube it. There’s an algorithim for each step.

    The basics is that the centre piece never moves. So with that in mind, pick a side and line up a cross so that the other centre pieces line up on the side. Then complete the side. Then complete the middle layer. Then complete the top layer cross. Then re-arrange the corners and you’re done. Trust me, it’s a lot easier when you see the video.

  7. Howard Brazee

    I don’t get the idea that when someone else solves it, publishes his technique, and then you learn his technique – then you have solved it?!?!?!

    No, the guy who wrote it up solved it.

  8. Sachin

    awesome..i never knew this much about rubik cube…..thanks

  9. Beau

    @Howard Brazee: When someone finds a bomb, defuses it, and then writes a guide how to diffuse other bombs of the same type, and then you use that guide to defuse a bomb, then you have also defused a bomb.

    Every time you start the puzzle, its different. Mastering the knowledge of how to complete it for each different permutation is what you are accomplishing.

  10. Arun Anto

    Hi all ,

    Just read some of the comments here , and felt you guys SHOULD know this . Search for guy named DAN BROWN in Youtube , he has a great and simple video on how to master the rubix.For that same video has was given an award from youtube themselves.Thanks to that video now even I can solve it in abt 5 min. Miracles happen !! Chk it out

  11. John Green

    Wow! Really liked that image! although I already knew the information, it was really nice to read it again, Really pretty the animation!(really looks like erik akkersdijk :) )
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