For its 125th anniversary issue, National Geographic offers what average Americans might look like in 2050. These aren’t Photoshopped images, these are pictures of actual multiracial people. The concept is that interracial relationships are becoming more and more common and we are, as a country and as individuals, a melting pot. Diversity is GOOD. This is all great news. If nobody’s gonna have to be as pasty and blindingly white as I am, then I am all for it. Seriously, I’m like see-thru. Nobody should be see-thru.



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  1. Jana Neal

    beautiful people

  2. BobaFettish

    I have no problem with there being more women who look like Rashida Jones in the world.

  3. Crystal Christianson

    Their eyes are just a bit frightening

  4. Sarah

    They look ugly and how is it possible that there’s that many interracial families?

  5. Mia

    Looks like I’m not gonna have an interracial relationship. I’m african american and I’m just gonna stay with black guys.

  6. Baby

    I hope people don’t look like this

  7. Sarah Gilbert

    It’s kind of creepy. I hope people don’t look that way. How is this possible? There aren’t that many interracial couples.

  8. Grim Reaper

    yes, yes, the white genocide must continue, more immigration and diversity in white countries until whites are a thing of a past, this is what britain, france, germany, netherlands, sweden, norway will all look like in 50 years, isn’t it great?

    oh and guess what, its a jew behind national geographic to, why are jews so hell bent on making whites go extinct with mass immigration and promotion of race mixing?

  9. Afrikan Heart

    America is not, and never was a ‘white country’. Europeans aren’t native to North America. On arrival, white Americans committed actual genocide against the Native Americans, who now don’t even make up 1% of the population. The same goes for South America, and Australasia. If you think your pathetic comments are going to garner any sympathy, you can think again. The British, the French, the Germans, the Swedes, etc. all went around the earth for centuries looting countries, enslaving millions of natives, colonising other people’s land, committing genocides, and the immigration into those countries today are a symptom of that. No fucks given here.

  10. Grim Reaper

    please, europeans brought schools, agricultures and hospitals to africa, africans bring rape, aids and poverty, now that the blacks have killed off the whites in africa they are back to eating dirt cookies, you also proved my point, whites should defend their land or otherwise they will see the same fate as the natives

  11. kennydre

    You are ignorant. Who tell you these things? I believe you should do a little more research before you reply to someone’s comment. Europeans did not bring anything to Africa that they didn’t have already. Take a history class and stop with the foolishness.

  12. kennyDre

    Interracial couples and claimant change :)

  13. Grim Reaper

    the irony is astounding, you clearly need to do some research, especially about the history of rhodesia, liberia and haiti, they were one thriving countries under white rule, then when the blacks killed them off, they reverted to eating dirt cookies because blacks are on average legally retarded, google iq by country, the hospitals and schools were gradually destroyed by blacks, they never had schools or hospitals until the dutch and british showed up and they dont have em now because they are retarded

  14. Grim Reaper

    thats the most retarded thing i have ever heard in my life, maybe you should take a history class, focus on rhodesia

  15. Savage101

    Honestly no blonde white chicks. What is life?

  16. Savage101

    Also not gonna happen cuz Trumps gonna kick out all the fucking mexicans.

  17. Savage101

    Learn how to spell dumbass. White people are savages(In a good way).

  18. gingerpower

    As an Irish ginger, I sure am glad I don’t look like these boring mutt-ass cookie cutter unremarkable people.

  19. Deadly_Doge

    Rip blondes i guess :S

  20. Deadly_Doge

    great to hear that’s how it’s supposed to be imo race is a beutiful thing how sad would it be if we all looked the same

  21. raged187

    They look absolutely f******* disgusting.

  22. Jennifer Farra

    The only other thing she need to look like the average American in 30 years is a double chin and jowls. :)

  23. paula

    these pics look creepy to me, like out of a sci-fi movie or something

  24. Michele

    Speak for yourself, Brittany. I do not spologize for being white and am proud of my heritage. I think it is beneficial to have distinct races. I hope the National Geographic is wrong.

  25. James Scott

    It’s inevitable, and all your bigotry can’t stop it.

  26. Michele

    Even the Indians are not native to North, Central or South America. Neither are the Hispanics. Everyone who is on this side of the planet migrated from the opposite side, at one point in time, when the continents were connected. Your point is moot.

  27. James Scott

    They will, and you can’t stop it.

  28. James Scott

    Because most people aren’t as sick and twisted as you are. These photos look very much like the young lady who will be my daughter-in-law, and what my grandchildren will look like. I welcome it.

  29. James Scott

    No, he isn’t. He tells gullible people like YOU that, and you lap it up, when his real plan is to fling open the doors for the sake of cheap labor.

  30. James Scott

    You’ll live.

  31. Roger Howard

    …actually, the native americans you seem so concerned about emigrated here from asia…they didn’t just sprout up here….

  32. Keif Hunniford

    But much fatter.

  33. AlOmega

    Genocide? What on earth are you talking about, you african racist? No genocide whatsoever took place. Nice distortion of history there.
    First of all the native Americans didn’t originate from America anymore than the Europeans so that argument falls apart. Second, they were at constant wars with competing tribes and very brutal. They owned quite a few Africans as slaves as well which should make you happy in your narrative.
    I know quite a few American Indians. I was astonished to learn how prolific murders, honor killings and rapes are within the American Indian community. The volume in percentage compared to other communities is huge. No angels there.

  34. borrowedladder28

    They will most likely be obese as well. Do you welcome that fact too?

  35. borrowedladder28

    You mean like the homogeneous Han Chinese or Nigerians?

  36. borrowedladder28

    Yes, I cannot wait for a world full of fat chicks.

  37. James Scott

    I’m not sure that’s true. My prospective daughter-in-law actually has a problem gaining weight. In fact, they’ve put her on some kind of milkshake diet to make sure she doesn’t fall under 100 pounds — however, if my grandchildren are obese, it would make no difference in my loving them.

  38. James Scott

    I should think a world full of starving ones would be worse.

  39. Anthony

    If I was in charge you wouldn’t have to worry about being ashamed of being to white, I’d slaughter filth like you who clearly can’t stand their own race.

  40. Anthony

    Want to bet?

  41. Anthony

    Come to my house pussy I’ll happily kill you you fucking traitor

  42. Anthony

    Exactly race traitors are fucking filth

  43. Thijs van den Poep

    I think its boring. I mean you can conpare it if there would be only one breed of dogs in the world.

  44. ThatguyYouknow

    Yeah it’s cool and all that we are integrating and I have no problem with it, but what about the redheads??? It’s a silly point, ik, but as a redhead that makes up less than 2% of the population, I feel a little outnumbered. I don’t think that the “white genocide” should continue. I think that nature should take it’s course and people should be with who they love and not with somebody because of their appearance. Redheads aren’t going extinct at all, but we aren’t common. Redheads are beautiful creatures and I’d hate to see people pushing this agenda of basically getting rid of them. Just saying. Not looking for an argument. Heck, this is all pretty comical.

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