This is soap made in the shape of a ring to suds up your hang down. It’s appropriately called Weener Kleener. Or maybe inappropriately, actually, now that I think about it. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a product name is spelled all kooky for no good raisin reason. Especially in this case! It already rhymes, why you gotta spell it all weird? And what’s with the K? Wouldn’t a C suffice? I disagree with everything going on here! Including the whole selling a soap with a hole in it so you can stick your wiener in there. Just use a wash cloth like a normal person! Or a shower scrunchie if you’re trying to be fancy. Which I am.

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  1. ilovecake

    Shower fun for couples, or really really sad single guys

  2. Biggiesmalls

    Do they have one in extra small?

  3. SenoraKitty

    So um, what if you don’t fit? Like you get stuck.
    “Well doctor I was cleaning my dick off when…”
    Also what if you’re too small for it? Like that is just as funny. You can play hoola hoop with your peen.