Okay, I know you’re wondering why there’s peanut butter smeared on your iPhone. It’s because it looks like a Saltine. And the bite — also because it looks like a Saltine. Plus, I get hungry and whatever’s within arm’s reach I devour. Once while I was waiting in line to catch a check, I ate a bank teller’s desk. I’m still paying it off. As for your phone, I’m gonna blame etsy seller Zero Gravity, these are some of their iPhone cases. I’m pretty sure they use sorcery to make em look so real. But you think that’s gonna stop me from buying out the whole store? Hell no! I don’t care if they use black magic, this shit’s awesome. What is gonna stop me is the fact that I’m broke. Which brings me to my next point: can you spot me a few dollars? I’m getting hungry again and I’m seriously eyeballing your cat.

Be sure to check out the rest of Zero Gravity’s shop for more iPhone cases, leather wallets and laptop/tablet sleeves.

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Via: foodbeast.com