We spent a lot of time looking at incredible, funny and weird photos every week and frankly, our brains are fried. We can’t come up with any captions other than “What is this I don’t even…” So now we’re looking to you guys to come up with ’em. Each week we’ll post a new photo for you to caption and send the winner a mystery prize.

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Last Caption This! Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated in our last Caption This! contest. Here’s the winning caption:


Congrats Nick Hayes Woodward! You won a 375NS Cartridge Pen.


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  1. Jenni Chasteen

    Who wore it cheddar?

  2. cocoa

    Hands down, the cheesiest dress I’ve ever seen.

  3. Brittany High

    Prooouuuud to be an Americaaaan (cheese)

  4. TimJaco

    And on the third day, Cheezus created woman

  5. Justin Ochoa

    “Cheese All That”

  6. Justin Ochoa

    Her Facebook relationship status: Kraft Single

  7. Sara Renee Potter

    You know you’re a redneck…oh, hell…this is even bad for a redneck.

  8. Sara Renee Potter

    Here she iiissss…Miss American Cheese

  9. Clara Violetta

    That’s gouda leave stains on the car seats…

  10. Sara Renee Potter

    Don’t my baby look sharp?

  11. Daniel Guðmundsson

    now I’m gonna get some meat near me.

  12. Daniel Guðmundsson

    Cheesus Christ loves me.

  13. Justin Teeter

    “He asked her if she would like some cheese with her whine”

  14. Guillermo Gong

    I hope that cheese stays there

  15. BrookeDS

    Body by osmosis

  16. Michelle W.

    She took it a little to literally when the photographer said cheese

  17. ColonelCockman

    GTO? Moar like Tits or GTFO!

  18. Grace

    She ran out of yellow Post-It notes to make a dress, so she used cheese slices instead.

  19. Jeff

    Her boyfriend demanded a grilled cheese, so she gave him a grill and cheese!

  20. Thomas

    Well YOU said “Essay cheese” !

  21. hesgay

    ur gay

  22. Jess

    Maybe this dress is a bit too mature.

  23. Massimo Rossetti

    GTO, not cheese the ho

  24. Charlie R Schott

    Start up this GTO and you might get yourself a cheese melt.

  25. Jess

    Some like their ho’es in cheese.

  26. Justin Teeter

    I said cheez its not cheese tits!

  27. Thomas

    “Essay cheeeese !!”

  28. Liz HANFORD

    Goat Cheese!

  29. Happy Hour

    Say Cheese

  30. Guest

    JOE DIRT- “i thought you said you had a hemi’ “yeah i had to have a footprint gas pedal installed”

  31. Rebecca Guilloteenie Tittle

    GTO- Gouda, Taleggio, Olde York (all cheeses)

  32. Rebecca Guilloteenie Tittle

    I wonder what the person taking the picture is wearing…

  33. Rebecca Guilloteenie Tittle

    I said you dress like a tease not “dress up in cheese!”

  34. Rebecca Guilloteenie Tittle

    That girl is doing a hell of a job modeling that watch.

  35. Rebecca Guilloteenie Tittle

    I hope her significant other isn’t lactose intolerant.

  36. Rebecca Guilloteenie Tittle

    Bobby, the doctor told you not to eat processed foods… So you know what that means…

  37. Wade L

    I was conceived in this bad bitch. Baaaaa.

  38. CandaPanda

    dress cheesy dance classy

  39. Guest

    I was conceived in this bad beeyotch. Baaaa.

  40. Guest

    I was conceived in this car.

  41. Wade L

    I got the cheese. You got the bologna?

  42. Sam Sykes

    Surprisingly, Fifi didn’t get the modelling contract for Men and Motors…they said her shots were far too cheesy

  43. j rock

    yes, that’s cheese on my tits, now get in the car.

  44. Cornheiser

    I won this car playing strip cheese

  45. Jessica Nicholls

    I love finding GISHWHES stuff on the internet. Um lets see, caption with “I’m feeling Gouda, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

  46. R3mot3

    Say what?