We spent a lot of time looking at incredible, funny and weird photos every week and frankly, our brains are fried. We can’t come up with any captions other than “What is this I don’t even…” So now we’re looking to you guys to come up with ’em. Each week we’ll post a new photo for you to caption and send the winner a mystery prize.

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Last Caption This! Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated in our last Caption This! contest. Here’s the winning caption:


Congrats Dylan Dylanco! You won a Duke Cannon “Big Ass Brick of Soap”

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  1. Jenni Chasteen

    We’re gonna need a bigger car.

  2. Brian Crawford

    Introducing the latest BMW 1stNoel model for the holidays.

  3. troyinrochesterny

    German engineering meets American stupidity. #USA USA USA

  4. Sommer

    That’s the last time I offer to help Paul Bunyan decorate for the holidays.

  5. marcusdiddle

    “It’s not going in our yard Russ. It’s going in our living room.”

  6. Kat

    If only Miley Cyrus was strattling it we’d have our Christmas card

  7. Idjy

    Told you this BMW ornament would not fit.

  8. Mike Newman

    Go big and go home

  9. troyinrochesterny

    Kanye West’s Christmas tree is like his ego. HUGE!

  10. marvinator

    I think next year, bob, we should just opt for the simple red bow on the grill.

  11. glenn


  12. Claudia

    Once-ler arrived

  13. BrookeDS

    let’s test out this German engineering

  14. shastac

    shhh they’ll never see me coming. i m disquised

  15. Christian

    I told you we hit something…

  16. Grace

    Leaf it alone and nothing would have happened.

  17. Chris

    No matter how large the pine tree air freshener was, the valet could not get all the stank out of Paris Hilton’s SUV.

  18. Brittany High

    ♫ Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!
    Thy ass is so gi-gan-tic ♫

  19. Jess

    I’m ‘stumped’ about what to say.

  20. Stephanie Gomèz

    It looked a lot smaller in the catalog…

  21. yulanda

    All we need now is Michael to hold down the tree

  22. Emily

    ‘We just need to tuck it in at the sides. It’ll be fine!’

  23. yulanda

    Told you itll fit on the car

  24. Jillianne Roach

    This tree has waited hundreds of years to sacrifice itself for a few weeks of glory in our little home. Now we just need to get it there.

  25. Jillianne Roach

    Nature: Won. Humans: Greedy.

  26. Shel Newman

    BMW unveil the new ‘tree’ series!

  27. Tim Jones

    You’re right. The car will make a good ornament.

  28. Alexis Nicole Roberts

    “Clark, don’t you think it’s a little big?”

  29. Avinash

    Uh-oh Marty, somebody found the car…looks like we’re stuck in the future!

  30. Alexa Nonblond

    we killed it…now we will take it home , set it up and festively decorate the corpse

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