This is the world’s most expensive LEGO brick, worth more than $14k. It’s made from 14-karat gold and measures the same size as an original LEGO brick. The gold bricks are extremely rare and were only given out to select business partners and LEGO employees who had been with the company for 25 years—and that was only between 1979 and 1981. That means even if you won Powerball you’d never acquire enough to build a golden LEGO house… which sucks because that was always my go-to “if I win the lottery” fantasy. Well, that and owning a swimming pool shaped like a dollar sign. Oooh and penguin butlers.

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  1. olivia18021

    The lego brick is just awesome I want one!!!!! $$$$$$$$$

  2. olivia18021

    I have just watched rich kids of instagram and wow $$$$$