Go directly to the pit of despair, do not do as she wishes and collect $200. That’s how one of the Pirate’s Chest or Max’s Miracles cards might read in The Princess Bride edition of Monopoly. While the game would make the perfect way to challenge your enemy to a battle of the wits, it’s only a mock up and doesn’t actually exist. (Which if you ask us, is completely inconceivable!) Of course if it did exist, the game pieces would include a six-fingered glove, Indigo’s sword, an iocane wine glass, Westley’s mustache, Humperdinck’s crown and the storybook.

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  1. Nelly Blue

    I WEALLY want this! It would be perfect for a “mawwiage” gift.

    Seriously though. Why isn’t this real? Whoever makes this would be make a mint!!

    As you wish.

  2. SJ

    I got REALLY excited about this!
    And then I read it wasn’t a real thing. Let down! :(
    The Princess Bride is my all time favourite movie, absolute classic!

  3. EB

    Shrieking Serpents should be Shrieking Eels, but they REALLY need to make this IRL!