On July 20, 1969 man first set foot on the moon. Including that momentous first visit, we’ve only been to the moon six times. Sure, we’ve sent a lot of unmanned equipment up there, but as far as manned missions go, we stopped sending people to the moon in 1972. It’s hard to imagine why we stopped going up there. Maybe there just aren’t any useful resources on the moon, or maybe we stopped going because there’s nowhere to get lunch, not even an Arby’s. Regardless of why we stopped going, the end result is still the same – if you were hoping to set foot on the moon, you’re out of luck, even if you are an astronaut. Fortunately, you can bring the moon to you with the Lunar Ball. Just inflate this PVC ball, and you can have the moon in the palm of your hand. You can also kick it – that’s fun too. Or even better, you can play moon dodge ball! The possibilities are endless!

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