Whatever your plans for this weekend were, forget ‘em—now you’re going to Disney World. This year at Disney World’s month-long Star Wars weekend you can get yourself encased in carbonite, just like Han Solo. You enter the Carbon-Freezing Chamber and you get frozen in carbonite and displayed on Jabba the Hutt’s walls indefinitely cameras capture multiple angles of your face in order to reconstruct a 3D version on a computer. After a few weeks you’ll receive an 8” figure of yourself encased in carbonite. Sounds awesome, but I’m still a little confused on how “Star Wars weekend” lasts a month long. Maybe the event runs every weekend, for a month, but I assume that the weekend FEELS like it’s a month long because you’re stuck at Disney with a bunch of sweaty nerds wearing mouse ears doing Yoda impressions.

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Via: thefw.com