We don’t have to do any kind of market research with a company like Circle Research to know that Star Wars fans will buy just about anything (unless of course Jar Jar is involved). We’ve featured some pretty incredible Star Wars gear, both officially licensed and handmade in someone’s mom’s basement—and either way, fans open up their wallets faster than you can say “Han shot first.” But apparently not every product idea gets a green light (which is surprising when you consider that stuff like the official Darth Vadar cake pan exists). Jason Geyer from Action Figure Insider has revealed some of the rejected Star Wars merch that George Lucas doesn’t want you to own. Why? In some cases it’s obvious (because the world probably doesn’t need a Star Wars Rocks CD with a disk shaped like the Millennium Falcon) but a lot of these sound great. Who wouldn’t want an R2-D2 portable wet bar, an inflatable emperor’s throne, or a floating landspeeder can koozie?

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